Greetings from the South Pacific Ocean

After a wonderfully warm welcome in Sydney hosted by the very special Lynda Millin, we embarked on a 9-hour train journey to a rather remote place called Seymour Station, where we met with Benjamin J. Bickford, a brilliant, multi-talented man who drove us deep into the Outback to Mungp Lake, where the 50th anniversary of the discovery of the 42,000-year-old remains of Mungo Man were about to be celebrated. I’ll write detailed post about that event as soon as I get a chance.

After the Mungo event, Benjamin drove us to a ski resort in the Snowy Mountains (yes, you read that right. A ski resort!) where we rendezvoused with Cheyne Morris, a member of the Sunrise Ranch Emissaries of Divine Light community, and drove with her to the South Coast of New South Wales where we spent a week or more on a 100-acre, off-the-grid property near the little fishing port of Bermagui, recovering from the somewhat harrowing road trips of the previous adventure. By the way, there were wild kangaroos everywhere, in case you were wondering. And the bird life was amazing!

Fully recovered. we then took a 26-hour overnight bus ride to Byron Bay and arrived there utterly exhausted once again. Fun, fun, fun! And boy, was it worth it. The Byron Bay area is stunningly beautiful, and is one of the spiritual nexus-points of planet Earth. See photo below. Here, we settled in, met a few of the local luminaries, filmed several interviews for the film, and prepared for the next adventure – a 10-day rainbow corroboree some three hours inland from Byron. We are about to rent a camper van for that event, which involves a bus trip to Brisbane to pick it up.


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