Wise Ones

“We can only have a future to the degree to which we can imagine a future that would be a sustainable and peaceful future. So, since we haven’t imagined that yet, we have to become able to imagine that, and this becoming would be the goal and the product of our world cultural evolution. So, cultural evolution in connection with the creation of a future and the possibility of having a future, that is the overall question for humankind.”

” Where did the Indian people come from, that’s another thing, see? The Indian people, they came from the stars, they say. They placed them on Mother Earth and they taught them how to be, and what to eat, that’s what the star people did. I guess it’s the people you call the aliens, but they weren’t aliens. “

” We are talking about modern man, as we now exist. Four colors of people that were distributed in four different places of the planet, and each has had the opportunity to evolve for a period of approximately 12,000 years. And, this way each has had the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to create an environment and evolve within that environment. That has been how it has been up until now.  “

” To tell you the truth, these stars that we see in the sky…In the beginning there was nothing. The stars were there. The universe was there and there were the stars. God came, and the material of those stars, the stars rained dust down onto the earth, which was a flower. It was a flower! This is where humanity came from. The dust of the stars connected with the flower of the earth. We are the people now who are the descendents of the people who are no longer here, who evolved from the stars. “

” The Aborigines don’t think that the world should be destroyed and started again, because they remember how much work it took us to arrive at this place. “

” From the earth, God made Adam and Eve. God created mankind from the earth. “

” We are an aspect of the Divine, as are the animals and the trees. Everything is an aspect of the Divine. “

” We are taught as Indian people, not only taught to respect and honor all life, but with that comes the word Love. Love is what projects and makes things, all things, happen. Love itself. We have to learn to love ourselves first, then we learn to love all of the other life as well and all people. No matter what race, what nationality, what color, whoever they are all over the earth, Love is what will make peace for all time. “

“What people think that means is, it’s going to be the end of the world. And it’s not. It’s not the end of the Mayan calendar either. It is the end of a cycle of time that comes back round again and starts over. Now, when it comes back around, it’s like a serpent, so the serpent never catches its tail, okay? So, it actually comes back around, it’s an evolutionary notch up. It’s a spiral. So, what we’re coming back around to feels very familiar on a very deep level inside of us. But we have learned so much in that 104,000 year cycle, that now we’re going to take it another notch up and become creators of a new reality. “

” We are having visions, we are all having similar dreams. Whether you’re white, you’re red, you’re yellow, you’re black, we are having similar dreams, of love, peace and truth. “

” When people ask us where we’re from, the first place we look up to is the Pleiades, the star people. But also, there are those down here and, the way it was explained to me is that the star people came down here and we were seeded. We’re still related to our star people, our star brothers and sisters, so we must not forget that. “

” What we would like is our old life back. We need to be lifted up. But how can we go, and where can we sit? And where can we sit with open hearts, just deliciously sit and talk, and also laugh? We can no longer laugh! The stones are laughing, but we can’t laugh! “

” I’m Arikara native, and our belief is that we came from the stars; we are star people. And, we believe that all humanity is star people. We came from the stardust, the stardust came from the heavens; the stars came down and touched the earth, and the earth and the stardust, they came together and they formed humanity, and that is why we are the stars; that’s where we came from, the star nation. “

” It’s Love, it’s Love, it’s all Love! Don’t look for nothing else, because it’s all… Love! “

” So, it was decided that there would be one more action upon the Earth, and one Adam or Amelius and his counterpart, Eve, volunteered to be a prototype to manifest simultaneously in five different places on the earth. In the Caucasus Mountains in Europe as the white race, and Africa as the black race, and Asia as the yellow race, and in Lemuria as the brown race. “

” It doesn’t take any government money, it doesn’t take any studies, it isn’t going to require any budget from anybody, it’s just… start thinking differently, thinking as if we are all connected. ”