In Search of the Future Movie

IN SEARCH OF THE FUTURE: What do the Wise Ones Know?

IN SEARCH OF THE FUTURE: What do the Wise Ones Know?
Filmed in southern Africa in the “Cradle of Humankind”, the Kalahari Desert, the remote highlands of Mexico, and the mountains, deserts and cities of North America, this one-of-a-kind documentary asks just two questions of the visionary elders of a dozen diverse cultures: “Where did we come from, we humans?” and “Where are we going, where is humanity headed?” “What does the future hold?”

Travel with us to faraway, beautiful places. Meet academic experts in the fields of anthropology, paleontology, and mathematics. Visit with Africa’s first people, the Kalahari San Bushmen. Consult with the Wise Ones: visionary indigenous elders, shamanic healers, Western scientists and futurists.

Who are we? Why are we here? What about Darwin? Did we come from the stars? What about Adam and Eve? What does it mean to be human? Conscious evolution? What is the true nature of the Universe? Are we still evolving? If so, do we stand on the brink of an evolutionary quantum leap in consciousness? What will happen on December 21st, 2012? What is the most powerful energy in the cosmos, and why is that information vital to the future of all life on Earth?

We have begun filming for the sequel: “IN SEARCH OF THE FUTURE II: The Only Way Out is UP!” Here’s the Executive Summary and Interviewees-to-date and Testimonials. Enjoy the 12-minute Teaser

Leading the Collective Consciousness to a Higher Frequency.

“IN SEARCH OF THE FUTURE II: The Only Way Out is UP!” weaves together perspectives from indigenous cultures, spiritual, scientific and intellectual spheres, communal endeavors and visionary insights from the past and presents an optimistic narrative of unlimited possibilities – an upward spiral of evolution.  It emphasizes that all the necessary elements for a world free from fear, separation, scarcity, poverty, war, and disease already exist. What is lacking is a coherent vision of the positive future we all long for, and the will to engage in the radical collaboration necessary to bring this new world into being. The film inspires viewers to trust in the loving nature of the conscious Universe, let go of outdated assumptions, foster a bold and fresh vision, expand their mindset, and embrace the courage to venture into the unknown, individually and collectively, confident that everything will be well. 

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