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Director Andrew Cameron Bailey, with !Xukai Mak!ai in the Kalahari. A freshly-killed yellow Cape cobra hangs from the thorn tree in the background.

Andrew was born in England and grew up in South Africa, where he completed degrees in chemistry, mathematics, anthropology, and English. He lectured in chemistry and mathematics in South Africa, before sailing to America in 1969. There he participated in the consciousness-expansion movement of the 1970’s in California and Hawaii, studied for a masters degree in English in New York, and raised a family of five children in the Hamptons in eastern Long Island, while pursuing his passions: music, photography, filmmaking, writing, surfing, and the study of the nature of the universe. This is his first full-length film, though not his last! He is already at work on the sequel to IN SEARCH OF THE FUTURE, which will feature some very well-known thinkers and Elders from all over the world.
Producer Connie Baxter Marlow at home in Sedona, Arizona.

Connie was born and raised in Maine in a family of visionary politicians and philanthropists. She was educated in New England, then graduated from UC Berkeley with honors in economics in 1968. She has created forums for visionary elders to share their understanding of the nature of the universe for the past 17 years, through photography exhibitions, films, lectures and ceremonies across the United States and Mexico. She has produced a film series, The American Evolution: Voices of Americaon little-known aspects of the life of Henry David Thoreau, including his life-long interest in the American Indian, his vision of a true democracy and his expanded view of reality. She is the mother of 3 grown children.
CAMERON/BAXTER FILMS LLC presents the uplifting, visionary worldview of its founders, Andrew Cameron Bailey and Connie Baxter Marlow, a perspective derived from personal life experience, and interaction with the Wise Ones of the world. We live in a conscious, loving universe, part of an evolutionary upward spiral moving toward something never before seen on this planet: a world of peace, abundance, and love.

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